Best Share Trading Apps in India for 2024:- Online Mobile Trading Android Apps?

Best Share Trading Apps in India for Beginners, List of Top Free Stock Trading Apps & Features

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Our today’s matter of contention is on which APP is best for share market trading in India. Stay tuned for this article to know which the best App for online share trading.

It’s always been an easy approach to use a mobile app rather than the websites or the manual platform. The app provides you with every facility and quick access to every information just with some clicks of your fingertips on your mobile screen.

Isn’t it cool?

Are you wondering how to invest in the share market, then here’s the rescue mobile app for online share trading & intraday share trading is prevailing and are loved most these days by the people. It does not have to ease their accessing capacity but it also has reduced the time consumption.

In this article, we will talk about some online share trading app which is standing at the top 10 positions as per the reviews and ratings of the users.

So, As per our analysis, the following list apps fall under the “Best stock trading app for beginners in India” categories. Just have a look here-

List of Best Online Share Trading Apps in India

Below, I have listed the best mobile app for trading in India.

  1. Kite Mobile App-Zerodha
  2. Angel One
  3. Upstox Pro
  4. 5Paisa Mobile App
  5. IIFL Markets
  6. Kotak Stock Trader
  7. ICICI Direct
  8. Share khan app 
  9. Motilal Oswal
  10. TradePlus Online mobile app
  11. Best Direct Mutual Fund App
  12. Best Bank in India for Saving Account

Let’s explore in detail the specification of the best mobile share trading Apps in India.

Let’s begin one by one-

Kite Mobile App- Zerodha

  • The web portal product of Zerodha is also available in the mobile version also. It has a strong user-interface and it has a very high interactive design to provide a good interface for the users. Check complete reviews on zerodha.
  • It is counted among the top discount brokers as it has a large number of customers as compared to its competitors.
  • For all investments, zero brokerage is charged and for trading, Rs20 is charged for every order. The order can be Regular, AMO, Bracket Orders and cover orders.
  • It researches around stock exchanges –NSE, BSE, MCX.
  • It deals in equities, commodities, futures and options, and currencies.
  • This mobile trading app allows you to trade in Equity, Stock, Index, currency and Futures and that too at the lowest cost.
  • It also presents the historical data of your shares or market performance. It can be a monthly wise or long year’s base.
  • Stocks to buy for long term
  • App Link:- Kite Mobile App

Zerodha Kite Mobile App Demo

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Angel One Trading App

  • The angel one is an app that can be installed in iPhones and Android ones also. It provides trading of stocks platform which can be traded after doing ideal analysis on important facts. The factors which affect the trading decision are also availed by this app through some inbuilt tools.
  • You can track the market movement on a real-time basis. The app is designed to trade in equity, derivatives, currencies, futures, and options, etc.
  • You can track your holdings and check the market news latest updated on the screen.
  • You can view trade reports whenever you need them.
  • You can transfer your funds and securities from anywhere and anytime. You will just need a mobile in your hand.
  • Just a single click will let you know the statements regarding your contract, your account ledgers and Profit and loss account.
  • App Link:- Angel One Mobile App

Upstox Pro Share Trading App

  • It is one of the leading discount brokers in India and after a web-based portal, it is landed in the mobile version also.
  • It has some unique features like-
  • It has different chart types that are customized i.e. the user can set the legends, colors etc. according to his choice.
  • You can access to past 10 years’ data also and can easily do an analysis on them.
  • Alerts and notifications are also pushed at the user’s mobile screen as per the choice set by the user.
  • App Link:- Upstox Mobile App

Key Highlights –

– Universal search tool to find simple and complex stocks.
– Access to NSE cash, Futures and Options, and Currencies scrips
– Cutting-edge charting tools that are above industry standards
– Charts of multiple intervals, types and drawing styles
– Apply 100+ technical indicators on real-time charts
– Trade directly from charts with the Trade From Charts (TFC) feature
– Set unlimited number of price alerts for instant updates
– Create unlimited number of customized watchlists
– Receive real-time market feeds to stay on top of your scrips
– Access predefined watch-list of Nifty 50 and other indices.

Why Choose Upstox –

– Zero brokerage on delivery trading and ₹20 per transaction on Intraday and F&O trades.
– Backed by top investors including Ratan Tata, Kalaari Capital & GVK Davix.
– Fast and efficient trading platforms for traders and investors who value time.
– Interconnected trading softwares that enable you to trade on both mobile and web using the same account.
– Sophisticated charting softwares combined with speed and reliability.

Demat Account Online खोलें Upstox में  :-

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With Upstox Pro you can make the most of stock market investment and trading. So, just download the app and turn your Android-based smartphone into a powerful stock analysis platform.

5 Paisa Mobile Trading App

  • 5 paisa is a discount broker app that offers round the solution services when it comes to performance, a speed of order execution and user experience. It is one of the most reliable best stock trading apps for Android which offers great security to its investors.
  • You can easily buy and sell your units at the touch of your fingertips on your mobile phone.
  • The order execution is so fast that it enables the user to execute the intraday transactions to take place at the speed of the highest.
  • The funds can be transferred within minutes and handled very properly.
  • This Free share trading app allows you to trade in Equity, Stock, Index, currency and Futures and that too at the lowest cost.
  • As soon as you enter this app, it opens and manages your 3-in one account, i.e. your Demat account, Trading account, and the savings account.
  • It also offers free charge services to open the investor’s account of those who are new in the field or who are seasoned investors.
  • The Auto Investor tool of 5Paisa knows the objectives of the investors, risk profile, income, and expenses and based on this knowledge, this tool forms a portfolio that suits the best to the investor.

  • The Fund Finder tool enables the active investors to filter the best funds for them on their own criteria and then start a SIP or lump sum mechanism.
  • It offers real-time services like it avails streaming quotes from NSE and BSE, updated information regarding equities, derivatives, currencies, Futures & Options etc.
  • To make the trading experience even more amazing, it offers charting features and broadcasting features.
  • You can invest in mutual funds also through this app.
  • Discount Broker Vs Full Service Broker
  • App Link:- 5Paisa Mobile App

5Paisa Mobile App Demo

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IIFL Markets App

  • The IIFL mobile app was launched by the India Infoline services. With just a single click and swipe and confirm feature, the order quickly takes place and this quality makes it unique in itself.
  • The app has been designed within the size of 38.2MB.
  • The clients can easily apply for IPOs and OFS.
  • There is a guest login feature also for the users who want to understand the basic features of the mobile app.
  • The stock watch feature allows the user to keep the user’s selected stocks right in front of the home has multiple stock watch lists.
  • App Link:- IIFL Mobile App
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  • IIFL Mobile App Demo

Kotak Stock Trader App

  • The Kotak Stock Trader is a popular app launched by the Kotak industries. It mainly trades in equity, derivatives, Futures & Options and currencies.
  • You can place your order anytime and even cancel the same without any problem.
  • It tracks your portfolio performance and also checks the available balance in your account.
  • You can also track the market rates or economic performance by refereeing the Nifty and the Sensex.
  • The feature in the app “My Investment” lets you know the number of investments made by you until the day.
  • The size it is covering in the mobile is 54 MB.
  • Thanks for Reading! stay tuned for another post, till then, bye, bye.
  • App Link:- Kotak Stock Trader Mobile App

Kotak Stock Trader Mobile Trading App Demo

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ICICI Direct Mobile Trading App

  • This app is launched by ICICI Direct.
  • Streamlining quotes on the latest market updates are visible at the screen.
  • It helps to keep track of your portfolio and also the market movements.
  • It trades in equities, commodities, derivatives, currencies and future & options.
  • You can track your shares updos anytime from anywhere.
  • You can collect any kind of research report from the app.
  • It provides a 3-in-1 account facility.
  • It also works better in slow-speed networks by availing the lite app functionality.
  • App Link:- ICICI Direct Mobile App

ICICI Direct App Demo

Sharekhan Trading App

  • It is a very common name known to the share market brokers. It is offering very speedy online services to trade the shares within seconds.
  • The survey results and the market performance of the shares are all described by the way of good-intractable charts. You can even customize the legends choice also as per your requirements.
  • The charts are presented to you on a daily basis, on everyday market update-wise.
  • Sharekhan is listed under NSE and BSE and provides a trading platform to buy and sell the shares.
  • There have some graphical studies also for the market and they can be average, Band-Bollinger, KnowSureThing, MACD, etc.
  • It also provides extra features like OAlert, Chart-book, Heat-map, trade from charts, and many more.
  • App Link:- ShareKhan Mobile App

ShareKhan App Demo


Motilal Oswal Trading App

  • Equities, derivatives, currencies, commodities, futures & options, Mutual funds, IPOs and what not. The Motilal Oswal mobile app delivers you all these products to trade through the app interface.
  • It also provides real-time portfolio monitoring tools to help to make investment decisions on the move.
  • It also provides a secured operation mechanism all throughout the process. The clients are given credentials using which he passes the authentication round while log-in.
  • It also offers advanced features like attractive charts with 12 different indicators.
  • You can also transfer funds via 40 connected banks to it.
  • App Link:- MO Trader Mobile App

TradePlus Online Mobile Trading App

  • The TradePlus app is a brand of Trade Plus Company which was opened in 1983 in at Chennai location.
  • It offers brokerage plans every month in all over India.
  • You can trade your shares through this app which can be download in your android phones.
  • You can easily be logged in using your credentials which automatically will link you with the three accounts, I.e., the Demat account, trading account, and the savings account.
  • You can track your account and your depository participant account also with haircut valuations.
  • Funds can be transferred easily via payment gateways of multiple kinds.
  • App Link:- Trade Plus Mobile App
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Which stockbroker in India provides the best mobile trading app?

Best Trading apps:
Zerodha Kite
Sharekhan Mobile App
5Paisa Mobile App
Angel One Mobile App
Motilal Oswal Trader App

What is some good stock trading app for mobile?

Zerodha Kite
Sharekhan Mobile App
5Paisa Mobile App