Best Sites for Indian Stock Market Research, Technical Analysis for Beginners

Best Sites for Indian Stock Market Analysis & Best Stock Picking Websites for Investment, Technical Analysis, & Top Stock Research Sites for Beginners

Every day, in every other second, new websites on various themes keep on opening over the internet. But when the subject comes to acquiring the relevant information and the maximum information and all the related information, one always want to stick to his favorite Indian stock market websites where he could get all the quality information.

Are you seeking information about the best share market websites You are at the right place?

In this article, we will talk about What stock website is best? that follow the Indian stock market and provide the users with the maximum information about Nifty/Sensex plus the trading platforms on the stock exchanges.

Indian stock research sites which we will provide you here are well recommended and preferred by many users. They have been the best destination choice for everyone.

Best Indian Stock Market Websites

Indian stock market websites

We will cover the following stock market websites India list

  1. Money control
  2. Screener
  3. Investing
  4. Economic times market
  5. Live Mint
  6. NSE India
  7. BSE India
  8. Yahoo Finance

Let us take a read about the best stock market website for beginners in India without much ado.

  1. Money Control –


Money Control Website

Money control is the most accessed stock analysis website platform by a number of interesting individuals of the stock market. It provides every latest financial market information on its site.

  1. It provides various stock securities information like their Sensex and Nifty value. Stock securities include Equities, debts, Latest IPOs, currencies, live stocks, commodities, and derivatives.
  2. The decline and increment in the index value.
  3. Historical data and current performance of the various companies.
  4. Various analysis tools also provided to scan the happening of the market.
  5. It tracks your investment activities which you have executed till the date.
  6. It avails SMS alert services to inform you regarding the NAV of your stocks on the daily or weekly basis. You can get e-mail alerts also.
  7. Forums are also facilitated for doing discussions in the group. You can refer to these forums and can update yourself with the updated knowledge.
  8. It also provides you with information in the form of mobile apps also. You can download the apps on your Android, iOS mobile phones and quickly integrate with the user-friendly environment to get the maximum information from there on some finger clicks only.
  9. Learning Intraday trading
  10. Long term stocks to buy

You can refer to this website to enjoy the visit

  1. NSE India –


NSE India Website

You are surely acquainted with the term NSE (National Stock Exchange), which is the common term in the world of stock markets. The Nation Stock Exchange is a stock exchange on a national basis which provides the citizens to trade their shares on its platform. It is a top stock research site of India.

The NSE India is an official website of NSE. As every company which is registered with the NSE stock exchange has to provide their detail information to it. So, the users can get the company details from this website.

If you want to track the Profit and loss account or the balance sheet of any company, free technical analysis of Indian stocks & much more you can get from here easily.

The company’s performance or the stock prices and the returns your stocks expected to return you, all is mentioned here on this website.

Tons of historical data and the analysis reports in the form of charts and tools are available.

You can find information about the corporates, domestic and foreign investors, new listings, IPO etc. NSE India also provides courses and certifications.

Visit for enjoying the website tools.

  1. Investing


Investing Website

Investing is just like the best newspaper for stock market India. It serves you Market securities, cryptocurrencies, news, charts, tools, education, technical and brokers and what not? The investing website provides you with every information on the single roof which otherwise you seek on various websites.

The analysis tools for technical and non-technical data are easily accessed on this best website for share market India. You can track the market performance of your stocks via the Charts which may have different indicators with many chart types.

The screen of the site reproduces every detail information towards you regarding the NAV value of your stocks, the index value, the peer information and many other details which can be simplified by customizing the screen according to your preferences.

For using this top stock research website, you can visit at

  1. Live Mint



What’s the best financial news website? – LiveMint. Whatever political issue or stock market issue which take place in the economy, it is updated on the Livemint website in the form of articles and the moving videos.

The news regarding companies, industries, money, lounge and science etc is delivered on the screen so that you do not skip any useful information which may affect your stock performance.

For more details, you can visit

  1. Economic Times Trade


ET Markets Website

This is another news-oriented best website for stock market India which provides information to you regarding the stocks and commodities. The commodities include precious metals, oils & energy, base metals, seeds, spices, and plantation etc.

The current price of the securities and the percentage change in the range following the duration is displayed on the screen.

The screen is user-friendly which can be easily understood by anyone reading this.

If you want to take the taste of the website then visit this link:

  1. Screener


Screener Website

This is another best site for share market for the stock market freaks. This website is a capsule having many ingredients in it. It provides all the qualitative and quantitative data with respect to the securities like the stocks, commodities, currencies, and derivatives.

It is one of the best Indian stock market technical analysis website. It serves you general information about the market economy, the company performance in the past and the present, their peers in the market and their performance too, the company’s profit and losses and the balance sheet, research reports and various analysis tools like the charts are provided on this platform.

The complicated long data can be personalized and customized as per your choice and preference which will simplify the understanding.

It also provides screen alerts on the user’s mobile and the websites also for every updated information in the market.

You can refer to this website to enjoy the visit

  1. BSE India


BSE Website

Like NSE, there is another popular stock exchange which is called as the BSE. It stands for Bombay Stock Exchange.

You can get the company’s details on this stock market website. The good thing about this site is that you can get the oldest data about the company because the companies which are listed under the BSE are the oldest one because the BSE is the oldest and first stock exchange in the stock market.

Market information, charts, IPOs, IFOs, Domestic, and foreign investors etc are all available on this site.

BSE India also provides training and certifications.

In addition, here are 3 more popular stock research websites that you should know:

All the above Indian Stock Markets are well-recommendable.

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This is all about Best sites for Indian stock market. It is suggested to access the websites that provide you with relevant and detailed information in an uncomplicated manner.

Final words

Hello Readers, I hope you had a wonderful time reading about the best stock market analysis websites of India.

In our opinion, Money control and the NSE India are the best sites for technical & Fundamental analysis and best investment advice websites informative which provide you relevant and detailed information and too in the most simplified way.

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