Upcoming IPOs 2024 in INDIA: List of Latest IPOs CALENDAR 2024

Upcoming IPO List 2024 Date Sheet & List of Upcoming IPO in India 2024

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“If you want to take a membership in the ownership of a growing company and want to enjoy its later handsome benefits, then you should apply for the IPOs of the companies.”

This article will give you a basic knowledge of the IPO and its related benefits. You will also come to know about the upcoming IPOs in India so that you can buy shares of those IPOs initially to acquire its later advantage.

Let’s start with the basic concept “What is IPO?”

IPO stands for the “Initial Public Offer”.

Whenever a company lands in the stock market for the very first time, it has to raise the funds from the public through a process, which is known as the Initial Public Offering (IPO).

Initial Public Offering, as the name, indicates that the funds by the company are raised first time in the market by offering its shares to the public so that the public can buy the ownership in the company and all this is done through the IPO process.

The reason for the company for raising the funds from the public can be any of the follows-

Upcoming IPO in India 2024


List of Upcoming IPO in India (NEXT BIG IPOs)

There are many IPOs in India that are soon to take place in Indian markets. Those upcoming IPOs are listed in the below table and go through them. This will benefit you in getting the knowledge regarding which IPO is available in the market to subscribe to the shares and at what price.

You can take help from the table to decide which IPO will be best for you to take ownership.

This section provides us with the extensive list of all the Upcoming 2024 IPOs in India along with their Issue Type, Offer Price, Listing date, Open Date & Close date of the Upcoming IPOs 2024.

This section is a well-managed tracking utility for all the upcoming IPOs in India.

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Live Current IPO at BSE & NSE

Upcoming IPO of 2024 – Find the list of Current IPOs & Upcoming IPOs in India.

Upcoming IPOs in 2024 IPO Size (approx) IPO Dates
Ola Electric Mobility
Akums Drugs and Pharmaceuticals Rs. – 1856.74 30 – 01 Aug
SANSTAR IPO Rs. – 510.15 cr 19 – 23 July

Current SME IPO at BSE & NSE

Upcoming SME IPO of 2024 – Find the list of Current IPOs & Upcoming IPOs in India.

IPO Company IPO Date Issue size Price Lot size
Ashapura Logistics 30 – 01 Aug Rs. – 53.00 cr
144 1,000
Rajputana Industries 30 – 01 Aug Rs. – 24.00 cr
38 3,000
Bulkcorp 30 – 01 Aug Rs. – 21.00 cr
105 1,200
Sathlokhar Synergys E&C Global 30 – 01 Aug Rs. – 93.00 cr
140 1,000
Esprit Stones 26 – 30 July Rs. – 50.00 cr
87 1,600
S A Tech Software India 26 – 30 July Rs. – 23.00 cr
53 2,000
Trom Industries 25 – 29 July Rs. – 31.00 cr
115 1,200
Aprameya Engineering 25 – 29 July Rs. – 29.00 cr
58 2,000
Clinitech Laboratory 25 – 29 July Rs. – 6.00 cr
96 1,200
Chetana Education 24 – 26 July Rs. – 46.00 cr
85 1,600
Manglam Infra And Engineering 24 – 26 July Rs. – 28.00 cr
56 2,000
V.L.Infraprojects 23 – 25 July Rs. – 19.00 cr
42 3,000
VVIP Infratech 23 – 25 July Rs. – 61.00 cr
93 1,200
RNFI Services 22 – 24 July Rs. – 71.00 cr
105 1,200
SAR Televenture 22 – 24 July Rs. – 150.00 cr
210 600


Point to be noted for the above table

  • The top two IPOs in the above table are currently available for the public to apply.
  • There are many IPOs in the table which are soon to arrive in the upcoming months or in 2022.
  • There are many IPOs that have already been issued in the market for public subscriptions.
  • What IPO is coming soon?
  • Which is best upcoming IPO?
  • Is IPO a good investment?
  • What companies are going to IPO?

Latest IPO Industry Updates

Tata Sons likely to raise Rs 55,000 crore through IPO

The Tata group is considering selling a 5 per cent stake in Tata Sons, its holding company, through an initial public offering (IPO) to raise about Rs 55,000 crore at an estimated valuation of Rs 11 trillion, said a Kotak Securities report on Thursday.

Tata Sons is classified as an ‘upper-layer’ non-banking financial company by the Reserve Bank of India. It has to be listed on the stock exchanges by September 2025 to meet the regulator’s norms, said Kotak Securities. The last big IPO was the state-owned Life Insurance Corporation of India’s public issue of Rs 21,000 crore in May 2022, it said


Why should we invest in IPOs?

The shares which are offered through IPO by the new companies are offered at very reasonable prices to the public. The public can acquire the shares of the company at a reasonable value and after that, they can proceed with selling and buying of shares, once the IPO is listed in the market.

Suppose you have acquired the shares of the company at the price of Rs 100, but when the IPO is listed in the stock market, the company opens the share price at increased value i.e. 200. So, the value of your already bought share has become just double and you can earn double amount after selling it in the market at the current price.

Investing in any upcoming IPOs in India in favorable economic conditions may give you an opportunity to be a part of the growth story of the company.

So, at a very reasonable value, you can buy the shares of the company. With time, the company develops itself and this development leads to an increase in the value of your shares also.

Major Questions

  1. How do I find an upcoming IPO?
  2. Is buying IPO a good idea?

How do I benefit from the growth of the company?

Let’s understand this with the help of an example.

Suppose an IPO i.e. company A has issued 1000 shares at 10Rs each to the public and this offer is valid for only 10 days.

Within those 10 days, you have applied for 100 shares and you got the respective allotment from the company. It means that you have gained the ownership of the company, owing to Rs 1000 (100*10).

After some time, the same company got listed in the stock market, which means it began to operate legally in the market. It opens its shares valued at Rs 20 now. That means the previous share price of shares has been increased by 10rs now.

Your 1000 Rs shares have increased its value and its new value becomes 2000 i.e. 100*20.

In this way, the company deals with the market situations and prospers in the market. Whenever it prospers in the market it grows its value and this means that share value of shareholders has also increased side by side.

Ultimately, it is up to you, that whether you want to play for a long-term with the company or you want to quickly sell/buy your shares.

The IPOs offer you an advantage to buying the growing company’s ownership at a very reasonable price which you can afford also. The prosperity of the same company with the time being increases its market capitalization thereby increasing the price value of shares.

Your early purchased shares benefit you at this time because you can sell your shares at a very good selling value when the company’s stocks are reaching its high value.

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Thanks for reading us.

Bye and Happy Investing!

Upcoming IPO – FAQs:

What is IPO?

The initial public offer (IPO) means a private company comes to offer the stake to the public via IPO and become a public company. In the other term, we can say the company that is Private Limited becomes Limited after IPO. They hire investment bankers to handle the Initial Public Offer process. They file DRHP to SEBI and after the approval, they file RHP which will be the final process for the IPO.

Check Complete details here:- https://investoracademy.in/ipo-initial-public-offering/

Why should a company go for an initial public offering IPO?

Every company needs to expand their business. As per the valuations, the company comes with an Initial Public Offerings for the public with a price band that are decided by the merchant bankers.

Why initial public offering is important?

The IPO is a very important part for the companies as they are selling their stake to the public. The company gets the liquidity from the public and then they use this money to expand their business as proposed in the RHP.

Can I buy IPO without Demat account?

The answer is No. As the SEBI rules an individual needs a Demat Account to apply for an IPO.

Are IPOs a good investment?

Yes, IPO is a good investment for the short term and the long term as well. The company whose financial situation is very good and the demand is high, investors should go for those IPOs.

What are the upcoming IPOs 2024 in India?

You can visit this page for Upcoming IPOs.

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