7 Best Stock Market Books for Beginners in India: Every Investor Should Read

Best Stock Market Books for Investing, Trading & Techincal Analysis

If you are passionate about investing then you must possess sound knowledge about trading and the stock market. Agreed?

Yes, you have to be well-versed about markets ups and lows. For that, you need to be a wise investor.

An Investment in knowledge pays the best interest!

For intelligent investing, you have to educate yourself about the Indian stock market.

The most obvious question that strikes the mind is How do I get started in stocks? How can I learn the stock market? Right?

You are not required to blindly follow others to be successful in the stock market. All you need is to be smart and knowledgeable.

Guys, our today’s matter of contention is best books for Indian stock market

This article is framed to educate you about the top books on stock market. Let’s get begin with the read.

What is the best stock market books for beginners?

When you are just the new arriver or beginner in the stock market, you always feel the need to understand the market right from scratch.

You want to start with the very basic terms from A, B, C and then gradually, you prefer to deeply understand the things.

There are many websites over the internet which has done a very good job in this regard. But books have their own identity and unique place when it comes to learning something nicely.

There are many stock investments books written by so many authors in different styles. But it is necessary to filter them according to the customer reviews and the index of what the book is actually containing.

We have come with a certain list of 2024 stock market books which are the top 7 books. They all are providing you knowledge regarding how to invest and what to invest. They will also help you in understanding some basic terminologies of how the stock market works.

How do you read the stock market books?

You can read about the contents of the books from this article and whichever book suits you best, you can simply order them on Flipkart and the Amazon websites. The links for the same even have been provided here.

You should buy these books, either online or offline and read them thoroughly.

From the books, you will come to know about-

  • What is share market and how it works?
  • The basic terms used in the stock market.
  • The pre-requisites to trade on stock market.
  • The way of investment.
  • Myths about the stock market and trading.
  • Tips to avoid errors.
  • Tips to convert the loses into gains and tips for avoiding the losses and attracting the gains.
  • The strategies to grow your wealth in a short span of time.
  • More…

In this article, we will cover the top 7 share market books which have been mentioned below.

Top 7 Stock Market Books

  1. One Up on the wall street
  2. The Intelligent Investor
  3. Beating the street
  4. The Warren Buffet Way
  5. Stocks to Riches
  6. Learn to Earn
  7. How to avoid loss and earn consistently in the stock market?

Are you willing to learn about what are those bestselling books in India which are regarded as best books for investing?


Let’s start discussing each.

One Up on the wall street

The author of “One up on the wall street” belongs to America and is a famous successful fund manager who has proven himself in the world of mutual fund market by establishing a record of providing 30% average returns on his portfolio for a period of 13 years.

This particular book explains the basic concepts about the stock market and also the tips to build money in the market.

Thus it is suitable for those who are just beginners in the stock market.

If you have a long view of investing in the market, you have the responsibility to pick the right stock for you. Peter Lynch has described the approach for picking the right stocks in his best investment book. This would enable you to get better returns on your investment parts.

The book about investing is also containing six different types of stocks to which a kind of approach is required to follow by the interesting individuals and that approaches are explained by Peter here. The types of stocks include slow growers / Sluggard, The stalwarts, The fast growers, The Cyclical, The turnarounds, and The Asset Plays.

The Intelligent Investor

This is one among the oldest books on investing equities but highly recommended to the readers for gaining the main concepts of earning more from the stock market. This investor book is written by the Guru of the famous investor Warren Buffet. The name of Guru is Benjamin Graham.

While reading this top book you will come to know about the approaches for earning slowly but safely and also aggressively from the stock market. You will come to know about the basic concepts too. But you will enjoy reading this best book for stock market; it will feel you like you are reading some story of 1930s.

This book through its material will shield the investors from substantial errors and also teaches them side by side for how to develop long-term strategies.


Everything you wanted to know about Stock Market Investing-

If you find difficulty in picking the right stocks and you don’t have an idea about the factors which may help you in picking the right stock choice, then this best stock market book is the most recommended material for you.

It will help you out for understanding the concept right from the zero points. After reading this book, you will feel confident in tracking the market and selecting the stocks on your own.

This Investing book also lets you aware of the issues which every investor often interface while investing.

It is a comprehensive data study about analytic tools, and support that is provided to you in a very simple language.

The Warren Buffet Way

This book is containing strategies that you can apply yourself in your portfolio. The way of investing in Warren style can be deeply understood through this book on trading. Hagstrom has written this book mentioning all the successful aspects which Warren used to follow while investing.

The winning stories of Buffet have also been described here which will motivate you and inspire you to take investment decisions on the winning grounds.

The good thing about this best book for stock market beginners is that the author has not used fault words or ambiguous statements anywhere. He has detailed very cut-to-cut information in the book which has eased the understanding level of the reader.


Stocks to Riches: Insights on Investor Behaviour

It is the explosion of truths about the stock market and the myths and the misconceptions which generally rollovers in the mind of people. The plus point of this best investment book for the beginner is that it is written in a very simple language that is easily understood by the readers.

This book has been written by Parag Parikh.

It is suitable for those readers who are just the beginners of the stock market. The beginners have much tendency to make mistakes while understanding things and doing investments. This best books for investing in the stock market will tell them their common mistakes which they commonly make during the initial stage. It will tell them how to rectify the errors and how to pick the right stock choice for you as per your requirements.

This book is written in such a manner that even a layman or a 5th grade can understand.


How to make money in Stocks

This best book investing stock market has been written by the author O’Neil. The author has written the tips and the steps of investing which he has gained by his personal experience in the stock market.

It has described 7 steps of happy investing to grab the maximum profits. These 7 steps are named as the CAN SLIM method of investing.

It guides you with some strategies to hold your patience for getting the profits or when to withdraw your money when they are not making good in the market.

The price charts of winning stocks from the past century have been listed out at the beginning of this book on beginner investing.

You will come to know about the Mutual Funds and the ETFs also.


How to Avoid loss and earn consistently in the stock market

Prasenjit Paul has tried to convey some important strategies in this stock market book to acquire regular and consistent returns from the market. The manner for picking the plans and method to do investment, all factors have been described by the author.

The author has tried to make the conversation in the book in a very simple way so that the readers can easily understand the terms. It is advised to invest in the market only after reading this book on share market.


  1. How to avoid loss in the stock market?
  2. Stock Market is NOT risky at all
  3. First step of picking winning stocks
  4. How to evaluate management?
  5. Valuation – It matters much
  6. When to buy and when to sell?
  7. Do’s and don’ts to avoid loss in the stock market
  8. How to construct your portfolio?
  9. Is it required to follow an equity advisor?
  10. Quick formula for picking winning stocks
  11. Little bit of myself – Important Lessons to be learnt.

And guys, it’s not that after reading these books on the stock market you will become the master of the stock investment, but yes it will surely provide you some basic understanding and will clear you major doubts about the stock market part. It is essential also because if you don’t understand these small concepts then how you will trace your errors.

Final words

Dear investors, I hope you had a great time reading the above content on the best books for stock market.

I am elated in sharing my knowledge on the best stock market books to know about Indian share market investment.

If you like, please do the honor of sharing.

Choose your investment wisely, seize the great opportunity and load up the truck.

My sincere advice for you is proper research is always conducted before investing in stocks.

So, bring these top books on Indian stock market at your home today.

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