Best 5 Retirement Mutual Funds 2024: Top Investment Planning for Retirement Portfolio

Best Retirement Mutual Funds in India 2024, Best mutual funds for retired persons and Benefits of mutual funds over other retirement plans

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Every other person on this earth wants to see his/her future safe and secured and to plant the dream of this secured future into the real canvas, he moves towards the all-around retirement plans.

A retirement plan is a well-thought-out plan which is built by an individual keeping in mind the long-term goals of life. The planning is done when the individual is in his earning stage in order to fulfill his and his family’s financial needs even after his retirement. The motive is just to make themselves independent and self-secure.

There are many retirement plans these days coming in the market, like the Life Insurance plans, but beyond this, there is one more tool in the market, which meets the every expected need of the retiring individual and which is called as the ‘Retirement Mutual Fund plans’.

Retirement Planning through mutual funds

Let us see how should you invest in mutual funds for retirement income? and how can you get benefits out of it?


This is the duration of accumulating your wealth little by little and spreading that wealth at wise- destinations keeping in mind your risk profile and the time horizon towards retirement. You can choose any investment option such as Fixed deposits, debt funds, equity funds or mixed-funds, gold investments or the real-estate.

You should follow the ideology of your age base and accordingly you should design your portfolio for retirement.

A person generally works for 30 years to save his other upcoming 30 years. So, if your age is 30 years then subtract it with 100.  70 is the obvious output. You should invest your 70% wealth in equity based-securities while the 30% should be kept with debt funds.

It is because you will gain regular and safe returns with debt funds and on the other side, you can enjoy higher returns with equity sometimes.

In this way, you should accumulate your wealth and keep them investing in the best mutual funds for retirement portfolio in India.

Preservation and Distribution

This stage comes after when the person gets retired from his job. The preservation and distribution principle says that all the accumulated wealth should be preserved and optimized in the best way so that its wastage can be secured and usage can be used optimally for the long term. The retired person should make short-term plans to grow his wealth little-by-little and maintain stability in his lifestyle.

The person can invest in short-term debt funds whose maturity period arrives in 6-12 months. In this, the person can gain 7-8% as returns. Or he can plan for Systematic withdrawals where he can ask his MF houses to pay some fixed amount by selling out the units available to them.

Benefits of Mutual funds over other Retirement plans

  1. Unlike other insurance plans or Fixed Deposits, the retirement mutual funds do not demand filling premiums on time, neither it builds the restrictions on withdrawals of money from the account. The person can withdraw money, partially or completely, without any exit load restrictions. This is not true when it is subjected to other insurance plans, other than the Mutual Funds.
  2. The Retirement income from mutual funds is tax-efficient than the other insurance plans because it saves your 10% tax on interests after indexation.
  3. The other plans charge mostly 30% on your returns thus leaving only 70% income for you out of 100%.
  4. Moreover, taxes on retirement investment mutual funds are levied only when they are sold in the market while it is levied monthly or yearly in other insurance plans.
  5. The person can select his choice mutual funds for retirement investing because the details regarding the retirement plan, its fund manager, AMC, strategies, past returns, the risk associated etc., everything is available publically via the internet which is often not possible in other pension plans.

Mutual Funds based on retirement age

Well! If you want to invest your money for retirement purpose then Mutual Funds for Retirement Planning is the best option.

There are some best Mutual Fund houses, where you can optimize your money in the best way. They are categorized according to the investor’s age at which age they are investing money for retirement purpose.

Some examples of Mutual Funds for Retirement corpus.

  • SBI mutual fund pension plan
  • HDFC retirement fund
  • TATA retirement fund

The groupage taken into considerations are-

  • 25-40
  • 41-50
  • 51-55
  • 56 and more

Let’s take into consideration every age-group one-by-one.

Suitable for Investors of current age 25-40 years

Product Name Category 1 yr(%) 3yr(%) 5yr(%) Fund Value of Rs 10,000 Invested per month (5 years)
Mirae Asset Emerging Bluechip Fund-Growth Equity 28.86 23.76 30.40 1238651/-
Franklin India Prima Plus-Growth Equity 18.75 12.92 19.26 955298/-
Kotak Select Focus Fund-Regular-growth Equity 22.87 15.23 21.11 997938/-
Canara Robeco Emerging Equities-Growth Equity 29.31 20.88 28.76 1192740/-
Aditya Birla Sun Life Small & Mid Cap Fund- Growth Equity 32.04 24.55 27.19 1150236/-
HDFC Balanced Fund- Growth Equity 20.74 13.57 18.92 947656/-

Suitable for Investors of current age 41-50 years

Product Name Category 1 yr(%) 3yr(%) 5yr(%) Fund Value of Rs 10,000 Invested per month (5 years)
KOTAK SELECT FOCUS FUND – REGULAR – GROWTH Equity 22.87 15.23 21.11 997938 /-
BNP PARIBAS MID CAP FUND-GROWTH Equity 28.92 19.25 25.72 1111631 /-
SBI MAGNUM MULTI CAP FUND-GROWTH Equity 22.97 16.80 21.24 1001002 /-
L&T INDIA PRUDENCE FUND – REGULAR – GROWTH Equity 20.15 14.16 18.84 945860 /-

Suitable for Investors of current age 51-55 years

Product Name Category 1 yr(%) 3yr(%) 5yr(%) Fund Value of Rs 10,000 Invested per month (5 years)
ADITYA BIRLA SUN LIFE BALANCED 95 – GROWTH Equity 17.08 13.19 17.75 921724 /-
MIRAE ASSET INDIA OPPORTUNITIES FUND Equity 26.69 15.35 21.11 997938 /-
FRANKLIN INDIA BALANCED FUND Equity 26.69 15.35 21.11 997938 /-
SBI BLUECHIP FUND Equity 18.02 13.25 18.81 945200 /-

Suitable for Investors of current age 56 years and more

Best balanced funds for retirement

Product Name Category 1 yr(%) 3yr(%) 5yr(%) Fund Value of Rs 10,000 Invested per month (5 years)
MIRAE ASSET INDIA OPPORTUNITIES FUND – REGULAR- growth Equity 26.69 15.35 21.11 997938 /-
ADITYA BIRLA SUN LIFE BALANCED Equity 17.08 13.19 17.75 921724 /-
ICICI PRUDENTIAL BALANCED ADVANTAGE FUND Equity 14.26 10.66 14.71 857343 /-

After observing the above tables, you’d surely be able to decide which plan you would want to choose for your Retirement planning through mutual funds.

All the above plans are well-established and come in the category of good plans. You can yourself check the outputs generated by each fund plan and accordingly check your age and various other factors to select the plan which suits you the most.

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