Antony Waste IPO GMP Today, Latest IPO Grey Market Premium Updates

Antony Waste IPO GMP Today, Antony Waste Handling Cell Ltd. IPO Grey Market Premium Updates | Antony Waste IPO Listing Gain, Latest target, Opening gain

Antony Waste Handling Cell Ltd has received capital markets regulator Sebi’s go ahead to float an initial public offer.

The Antony Waste IPO comprises fresh issuance of shares worth Rs 98.5 crore and an offer for sale of 99,27,175 equity shares by existing shareholders, according to the draft red herring prospectus.

Antony Waste Handling Cell Limited is one of the leaders in India’s Municipal Solid Waste Management (MSW) industry. The business is offering a full spectrum of MSW services i.e. solid waste collection, processing, transportation, and its disposal across the country. It also plays a leading position in the landfill construction and management sector.

Check out the latest Antony Waste IPO GMP (Grey Market Premium), Kostak rates and Subject to Sauda rates here.

Antony Waste IPO Details:

Issuer Antony Waste Handling Cell Ltd.
Issue Type Book Built Issue IPO
Issue Period Issue Opens: December 21, 2020
Issue Closes: December 23, 2020
Price Brand ₹313- ₹315 Per Share
Issue Size 300 Crores
Face Value Rs.5 per Equity Share
Market Lot 47 Shares
Maximum Bid amount for Retail Rs. 2 Lakhs
QIB 50% of the issue size
NIB 15% of the issue size
Retail Individual Bidders 35% of the issue size
Offer for Sale ₹214.99 Cr
Fresh Issue ₹85 Cr
Listing at NSE & BSE
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Equity 95,23,346 Shares
Grey Market Price Latest IPO GMP

Antony Waste IPO Listing Day

Antony Waste IPO Listing

Antony Waste IPO GMP

Antony Waste IPO Allotment

Antony Waste IPO Subscription Data

Antony Waste IPO GMP Rates day by day

Antony Waste Grey market premium as on today

Date GMP (in INR) Kostak (in INR) Subject to Sauda
31 DEC 2020 120 ₹200 ₹4000
30 DEC 2020 120 ₹200 ₹4000
29 DEC 2020 120 ₹200 ₹4000
28 DEC 2020 120 ₹200 ₹4000
27 DEC 2020 125 ₹200 ₹4000
26 DEC 2020 170 ₹200 ₹4000
25 DEC 2020 135 ₹200 ₹4000
24 DEC 2020 70 ₹200 ₹4000
23 DEC 2020 30 ₹200 ₹4000
22 DEC 2020 95 ₹250 ₹5000
21 DEC 2020 160 ₹250 ₹5000
20 DEC 2020 150 ₹250 ₹5000
19 DEC 2020 115 ₹250 ₹4000
18 DEC 2020 76 ₹250 ₹1200
17 DEC 2020 36 ₹200 ₹N/A
13 DEC 2020 20 ₹200 ₹N/A
12 DEC 2020 20 ₹N/A ₹N/A
11 DEC 2020 18 ₹N/A ₹N/A
10 DEC 2020 20 ₹N/A ₹N/A
09 DEC 2020 45 ₹N/A ₹N/A

Antony Waste IPO Market Lot:

 Lot Size:  Minimum 47 Shares & Maximum 634 Shares
 Minimum Amount:  ₹14805/-
 Maximum Amount:  ₹199710/-

Antony Waste IPO Allotment & Listing:

 Basis of Allotment: December 29, 2020
 Refunds: December 30, 2020
 Credit to Demat Account: December 31, 2020
 Listing Date: January 1, 2021


– IPO Grey Market Premium (IPO GMP) mention is valid for the specific date as mentioned in the header.
– We are not buying and selling IPO forms on IPO Grey Market.
– Kostak Rate is the premium one gets by selling his/her IPO application (in an off-market transaction) to someone else even before allotment or listing of the issue.
– Do not subscribe for IPO by just seeing premium Price as it may change anytime before listing. Subscribe only considering Fundamental of the companies

IPO GMP rates are provided as sourced from market intelligence. Please note these IPO GMP rates may be different depending on geographies and markets.

We don’t trade into grey market nor do we facilitate buying or selling of IPO forms.


What is Grey Market?

Grey Market is the term used to describe unregulated over-the-counter market for trading IPO applications and IPO shares before the stock is listed at a stock market. This is a way for dealers to support their customers who may want to exit before listing.

This is also a way to boost the listing price and support the issue before listing happens. There are two kinds of transactions that happen in thee IPO grey market:

  • Trade of IPO shares at a grey market premium
  • Trade of IPO application at a kostak.

What is Grey Market Premium?

GMP or Grey Market Premium is the premium at which equity shares from the IPO are being traded in the grey market.

This could either be a positive or negative – meaning the trading price in the grey market is either higher or lower than issue price respectively, based on demand and supply for the shares.

Typically, investors who do not want to take the risk of allocation not happening through IPO will buy shares in the gray market and hope to flip the shares on listing to make a good profit.

What is Kostak?

Kostak is the premium at which IPO application is being traded in the grey market. Applications are typically traded after the application window is closed but the allotment has not yet been finished.

It is rare for someone to trade IPO application post-allocation. This is a way for investors to increase their chance of shares being allotted as the allocation process treats each retail application equally. An example (indicative) for kostak is:

– IGL Limited
– Issue Price: Rs 480 Per Equity Share (at upper band)
– Lot Size: 14
– Grey Market Premium: Rs 350 to Rs 360
– Kostak (Rs 100000): Rs 2500 to Rs 2600

As can be seen the Kostak is at a much lower %age than GMP. This indicates that the grey market expects the issue to be oversubscribed and expects on an average only one lot to be allocated per application.

Kostak rate is the amount an investor gets by selling his/her IPO application in grey market. This is the amount an investor stands to gain, irrespective of allotment status.

Subject to Sauda simply reflects the amount which an investor stands to get by selling his/her application for firm allotment. The key operative word here is firm allotment. In case of no allotment to the applicant, the sauda stands cancelled.

In case of ‘Subject to Sauda’ deal, while selling IPO application in the grey market, buyer and seller agree that deal is only valid if the seller will get the allotment. If the seller doesn’t get any shares in IPO process, the deal gets avoid.

Antony Waste IPO GMP FAQs

What is the Grey Market Premium (GMP) price of Antony Waste IPO?

The Grey Market Premium of Antony Waste IPO is approx. in between 36-50 at the moment.

What is the Subject to Sauda price for Antony Waste IPO?

The Subject to Sauda price for Antony Waste IPO is approx. Rs. ₹N/A

How much will be listing gain in Antony Waste IPO?

Antony Waste IPO listing gain will be approx. Rs.2000/- (update on a daily basis)

What is kostak price of Antony Waste IPO?

The Kostak price of Antony Waste IPO is approx. ₹N/A-.