Dividend Stocks: Best Dividend Stocks 2024 in India | UPCOMING DIVIDEND SHARES 2023

Highest Dividend Paying Stocks in 2024 | dividend stocks | upcoming dividend shares 2024 | dividend in share market | Upcoming Best Dividend Stocks December 2024 | dividend in 2024 | latest dividend declared.

High Dividend Stocks 2024 | Best Upcoming Dividends Stocks in India

NSE 2024 Dividend announcements & upcoming dividend declaration date by companies in NSE

What Is a Dividend?

Dividend definition – Dividend meaning

Dividends are payments from corporate earnings to company shareholders. Dividends are one way for you to receive a return from owned shares. You can think of them as a reward for investing your money with a company.

Dividend Meaning in Hindi

DIVIDEND का अर्थ

Dividend का हिंदी अर्थ होता है – लाभांश, और इस तरह डिविडेंड (Dividend) यानी लाभांश का अर्थ है – लाभ का अंश, या लाभ में हिस्सा

DIVIDEND KYA HOTA HAI ? (लाभांश क्या होता है)

डिविडेंड किसी कंपनी के द्वारा उसके शेयर होल्डर को दिया जाने वाला कम्पनी के NET PROFIT (शुद्ध लाभ) का एक हिस्सा होता है,

कम्पनी को जो भी लाभ होता है, उसमे टैक्स और सभी तरह के दुसरे ADJUSTMENT करने के बाद बची NET PROFIT (शुद्ध लाभ) को कम्पनी के शेयर होल्डर में बराबर बराबर बाटा जाता है, और जिस व्यकित के पास जितने शेयर होते है, उस व्यक्ति को उसी अनुपात में डिविडेंड का लाभ प्राप्त होता है.

What is Dividend Yield?

The dividend yield is the amount a company pays to its investors as dividends in comparison with the current market price of the stock. The dividend yield is a way to measure how much cash flow you are getting for each rupee invested in an equity position.


The dividend yield ratio is calculated using the following formula:
Dividend Yield Ratio = Dividend Per Share/Market Value Per Share




Highest Dividend Stocks 2024

High Dividend Stocks 2024 | Best Upcoming Dividends Stocks in India

COMPANY Ex DATE Record DATE  Dividend
04 May 2023
04/05/2023 Final Dividend: Rs.3.50/-share
04 May 2023
Final Dividend: Rs.7.0000/-share
09 May 2023
09 May 2023
Dividend: Rs.225.0000/-share

Coforge Ltd
10 May 2023
10 May 2023
Dividend: Rs19.0000/-share
Laurus Labs Ltd
10 May 2023
10 May 2023
Final Dividend: Rs.1.2000/-share
  • IndiaMART InterMESH Ltd
11 May 2023
11 May 2023
Dividend: Rs20.0000/-share

11 May 2023
11 May 2023
Final Dividend: Rs.2.0000/-share
12 May 2023
12 May 2023
Interim Dividend
Aptus Value Housing Finance India Ltd
12 May 2023
12 May 2023
Interim Dividend
15 May 2023
15 May 2023
Interim Dividend
15 May 2023
Dividend: Rs.3.0000/-share
16 May 2023
Final Dividend – Rs. – 6.0000/-share
HDFC Bank Ltd
16 May 2023
16 May 2023
Final Dividend: Rs.19.000/-share
Tata Consumer Products Ltd
19 May 2023
29/07/2022  Final Dividend: Rs.8.4500/-share
25 May 2023
25 May 2023
Dividend: Rs.2.2000/-share
30 May 2023
 Final Dividend: Rs.2.5000/-share
02 Jun 2023
02 Jun 2023
Final Dividend: Rs.17.5000/-share
Hero Motocorp 27/07/2022 Final Dividend: Rs.35.00/-share
Hawkins Cookers Ltd 27/07/2022 Final Dividend: Rs.60.00/-share
Goodyear India 22/07/2022 Dividend: Rs.100/-share
ADC India Communications Ltd 21/07/2022 Dividend: Rs.14.00/-share
Indian Metals & Ferro Alloys Ltd 21/07/2022 Dividend: Rs.7.50/-share
Tech Mahindra 21/07/2022 Dividend: Rs.30.00/-share
Taparia Tools Ltd 21/07/2022 22/07/2022 Final Dividend: Rs.52.50/-share
HIL Ltd 21/07/2022 Dividend: Rs.45.00/-share
Chola Fin & Investments 21/07/2022 Dividend: Rs.0.70/-share
M&M Fin. Services 20/07/2022 Dividend: Rs.3.60/-share
Blue Dart Express 18/07/2022 Final Dividend: Rs.35.00/-share
Lakshmi Machine Works 15/07/2022 Dividend: Rs.40.00/-share
Piramal Enterprises 14/07/2022 15/07/2022 Final Dividend: Rs.33.00/-share
Zydus Wellness 14/07/2022 15/07/2022 Dividend: Rs.5.00/-share
Mahindra & Mahindra 14/07/2022 Dividend: Rs.11.55/-share
BOSCH Ltd 14/07/2022 Dividend: Rs.210.00/-share
Ashok Leyland 14/07/2022 Dividend: Rs.1.00/-share
Bharat Forge 14/07/2022 15/07/2022 Final Dividend: Rs.5.50/-share
Shree Cement 13/07/2022 14/07/2022 Final Dividend: Rs.45.00/-share
Wendt India 13/07/2022 Final Dividend: Rs.45.00/-share
VST Industries 13/07/2022 Dividend: Rs.140/-share
Dr.Reddy’s Lab 11/07/2022 Final Dividend: Rs.30.00/-share
Titan Company Ltd 08/07/2022 Final Dividend: Rs.7.50/-share
Jubilant Foodworks 08/07/2022 11/07/2022 Final Dividend: Rs.1.20/-share
L&T Technology Services 07/07/2022 Final Dividend: Rs.15.00/-share
DCM Shriram 07/07/2022 08/07/2022 Final Dividend: Rs.4.90/-share
Bank Of India 07/07/2022 08/07/2022 Final Dividend: Rs.2.00/-share
Sundaram Finance 07/07/2022 Final Dividend: Rs.10.00/-share
GLAXOSMITHKLINE PHARMA 07/07/2022 08/07/2022 Interim Dividend: Rs.90.00/-share
Mphasis 05/07/2022 Dividend: Rs.46.00/-share
Mindtree 05/07/2022 Final Dividend: Rs.27.00/-share
Petronet LNG 04/07/2022 Final Dividend: Rs.4.50/-share
JSW Steel 04/07/2022 Final Dividend: Rs.17.35/-share
Motilal Oswal Financial Services 01/07/2022 Dividend: Rs.3.00/-share
CASTROL INDIA LTD. 04/05/2023 04/05/2023 Final Dividend: Rs.3.50/-share
Gandhi Special Tubes Ltd 30/06/2022 01/07/2022 Final Dividend: Rs.10.0/-share
Escorts Ltd 30/06/2022  Dividend: Rs.7.00/-share
L&T Infotech 30/06/2022 01/07/2022 Interim Dividend: Rs.30.0/-share
Maharashtra Scooters Ltd 30/06/2022 01/07/2022 Interim Dividend: Rs.80/-share
Swaraj Engines Ltd 30/06/2022 Interim Dividend: Rs.80/-share
Bajaj Finance Ltd 30/06/2022 01/07/2022 Interim Dividend: Rs.20/-share
Bajaj Holdings & Investment 30/06/2022 01/07/2022 Interim Dividend: Rs.25/-share
Bajaj Finserv Ltd 30/06/2022 01/07/2022 Interim Dividend: Rs.4.00/-share
Bajaj Auto 30/06/2022 01/07/2022 Interim Dividend: Rs.140/-share
Tata Steel Long Products 29/06/2022 Dividend: Rs.12.50/-share
Whirlpool Of India 28/06/2022 Final Dividend: Rs.5.00/-share
SKF India 28/06/2022 29/06/2022 Dividend: Rs.14.50/-share
Union Bank Of India 22/06/2022 Interim Dividend: Rs.1.90/-share
Punjab National Bank   22/06/2022 Interim Dividend: Rs.0.640/-share
Dr. Lal Path Labs Ltd  22/06/2022 23/06/2022 Interim Dividend: Rs.6.00/-share
Panasonic Carbon India Ltd 21/06/2022 Dividend: Rs.12.00/-share
Balaji Amines 21/06/2022 Interim Dividend: Rs.6.00/-share
Rane Holdings Ltd  21/06/2022 22/06/2022 Interim Dividend: Rs.12/-share
Bank Of Maharashtra 20/06/2022 Dividend: Rs.0.50/-share
Morakka Finance 20/06/2022 Dividend: Rs.4.00/-share
Britannia Industries 20/06/2022 Interim Dividend: Rs.56.50/-share
Bank Of Baroda 17/06/2022 Interim Dividend: Rs.1.20/-share
MPS Ltd 17/06/2022 Interim Dividend: Rs.30.0/-share
Plastiblends India Ltd 17/06/2022 Dividend: Rs.4.00/-share
Rishiroop Ltd 16/06/2022 Dividend: Rs.1.50/-share
Cigniti Technologies 16/06/2022 Final Dividend: Rs.2.50/-share
Apollo Tyres 16/06/2022 17/06/2022 Dividend: Rs.3.25/-share
Tinplate Company Of India Ltd 15/06/2022 Dividend: Rs.4.00/-share
Tata Elxsi 15/06/2022 Final Dividend: Rs.42.50/-share
KEC International 15/06/2022 16/06/2022 Interim Dividend: Rs.4.00/-share
High Energy Batteries(India) Ltd 15/06/2022 Interim Dividend: Rs.15.0/-share
HUL Ltd 15/06/2022 Interim Dividend: Rs.19/-share
Tata Steel Ltd 15/06/2022 Interim Dividend: Rs.51.0/-share
Tata Power Ltd 15/06/2022 Interim Dividend: Rs.1.75/-share
Tata Chemicals Ltd 15/06/2022 Interim Dividend: Rs.12.5/-share
Canara Bank 15/06/2022 16/06/2022 Interim Dividend: Rs.6.50/-share
Sonata Software 15/06/2022 Interim Dividend: Rs.13.00/-share
Bank Of Baroda 17/06/2022 Interim Dividend: Rs.1.20/-share
Canara Bank 15/06/2022 16/05/2022 Interim Dividend: Rs.6.50/-share
Havells India 14/06/2022 Dividend: Rs.4.50/-share
Indian Bank 14/06/2022 Dividend: Rs.6.50/-share
Cera Sanitaryware 13/06/2022 Dividend: Rs.35.00/-share
Sagarsoft (India) ltd 10/06/2022 Dividend: Rs.3.00/-share
LKP Finance Ltd 10/06/2022 Dividend: Rs.3.00/-share
CEAT Ltd 10/06/2022 13/06/2022 Final Dividend: Rs.3.00/-share
Tata Communications 10/06/2022 Dividend: Rs.20.70/-share
Welspun Corp Ltd 09/06/2022 10/06/2022 Dividend: Rs.4.00/-share
Quess Corp 09/06/2022 10/06/2022 Final Dividend: Rs.4.00/-share
Power Finance Corp 09/06/2022 10/06/2022 Final Dividend: Rs.1.25/-share
Voltas Ltd 09/06/2022 Dividend: Rs.5.50/-share
Asian Paints 09/06/2022 10/06/2022 Final Dividend: Rs.15.50/-share
HDFC AMC 09/06/2022 Dividend: Rs.42.00/-share
Tata Consumer Products Ltd 09/06/2022 Interim Dividend: Rs.6.50/-share
General Insurance Corp Of India 07/06/2022 08/06/2022 Interim Dividend: Rs.2.25/-share
Aurobindo Pharma Ltd 06/06/2022 07/06/2022 Interim Dividend: Rs.4.50/-share
Ineos Styroloution Ltd 06/06/2022 07/06/2022 Interim Dividend: Rs.105/-share
Rallis India Ltd 06/06/2022 Interim Dividend: Rs.3.00/-share
Tata Investment Corp Ltd 02/06/2022 Interim Dividend: Rs.55.0/-share
Tata Coffee Ltd 02/06/2022 Interim Dividend: Rs.2.00/-share
Linde India Ltd 01/06/2022 Final Dividend: Rs.13.50/-share
GTPL Hathway Ltd 01/06/2022 Final Dividend: Rs.4.00/-share
HDFC Life Ltd 31/05/2022 01/06/2022 Final Dividend: Rs.1.70/-share
Housing Development Finance Corp 31/05/2022 01/06/2022 Final Dividend: Rs.30.00/-share
Infosys Ltd 31/05/2022 01/06/2022 Final Dividend: Rs.16.00/-share
Solar Industries India Ltd 27/05/2022 Special Dividend: Rs.7.50/-share
Manappuram Finance 27/05/2022 30/05/2022 Special Dividend: Rs.0.75/-share
ITC Ltd 25/05/2022 27/05/2022 Interim Dividend: Rs.22.0/-share
Tata Consultancy Services 26/05/2022 28/05/2022 Interim Dividend: Rs.6.25/-share
State Bank Of India 25/05/2022 Interim Dividend: Rs.7.10/-share
Coforge Ltd 23/05/2022 24/05/2022 Interim Dividend: Rs.13.0/-share
Angel One Ltd 23/05/2022 24/05/2022 Interim Dividend: Rs.2.25/-share
Kewal Kiran Clothing Ltd 20/05/2022 23/05/2022 Interim Dividend: Rs.5.00/-share
Oracle Financial Services Soft.
13/05/2022 17/05/2022 Interim Dividend: Rs.190/-share
Indus Towers Ltd 13/05/2022 17/05/2022 Interim Dividend: Rs.11.0/-share
P&G Health Ltd 12/05/2022 13/05/2022 Interim Dividend: Rs.41.0/-share
Indian Card Clothing Ltd 12/05/2022 13/05/2022 Special Dividend: Rs.25.0/-share
HDFC Bank Ltd 12/05/2022 13/05/2022 Interim Dividend: Rs.15.5/-share
Thyrocare Technologies Ltd 11/05/2022 12/05/2022 Interim Dividend: Rs.15.0/-share
Vedanta Ltd 06/05/2022 09/05/2022 Interim Dividend: Rs.31.5/-share
Sanofi India Ltd Total Dividend: Rs.490/-share
Elantas Beck India Ltd Interim Dividend: Rs.5.00/-share
Stovec Industries Ltd 29/04/2022 Interim Dividend: Rs.57/-share
Vesuvius India Ltd 29/04/2022 Interim Dividend: Rs.8.00/-share
HCL Technologies 22/04/2022 Interim Dividend: Rs.18/-share
Muthoot Finance 26/04/2022 Final Dividend: Rs.20.00/-share
Nestle India 22/04/2022 Final Dividend: Rs.65.00/-share
Nestle India 22/04/2022 Interim Dividend: Rs.25/-share
IDFC Ltd 20/04/2022 Final Dividend: Rs.1.00/-share
Mahindra CIE Automotives Final Dividend: Rs.2.50/-share
Angel One Ltd 11/04/2022 Final Dividend: Rs.7.00/-share
Castrol India Ltd 05/04/2022 Final Dividend: Rs.3.00/-share
Ambuja Cements Ltd 01/04/2022 Interim Dividend: Rs.6.30/-share
SBI CARDS 31/03/2022 Interim Dividend: Rs.2.50/-share
Dhampur Sugar Mills 31/03/2022 Interim Dividend: Rs.6.00/-share
HUDCO Ltd 30/03/2022 Interim Dividend: Rs.0.75/-share
BEML Ltd 30/03/2022 Interim Dividend: Rs.5.00/-share
SBI LIFE 30/03/2022 Interim Dividend: Rs.2.00/-share
SAIL Ltd 29/03/2022 Interim Dividend: Rs.2.50/-share
RITES Ltd 25/03/2022 Interim Dividend: Rs.7.50/-share
Rail Vikas Nigam Ltd 24/03/2022 Interim Dividend: Rs.1.58/-share
Bharat Electronics Ltd  24/03/2022 Interim Dividend: Rs.1.50/-share
GAIL (INDIA) Ltd 22/03/2022 Interim Dividend: Rs.5.00/-share
Sun TV Network Ltd 21/03/2022 Interim Dividend: Rs.5.00/-share
Shriram City Union Finance 17/03/2022 Interim Dividend: Rs.27.0/-share
NLC India Ltd 15/03/2022 Interim Dividend:1.50/- share
Shriram Transport Finance Ltd 14/03/2022 Interim Dividend: Rs.12.0/-share
Mahindra CIE Automotive Ltd 14/03/2022 Interim Dividend: Rs.2.50/-share
E.I.D. Parry (India) Ltd 11/03/2022 Interim Dividend: Rs.5.50/-share
Vedanta Ltd 10/03/2022 Interim Dividend: Rs.13.0/-share
VIP Industries Ltd 09/03/2022 Interim Dividend: Rs.2.50/-share
Power Finance Corp Ltd 28/02/2022 Interim Dividend: Rs.6.00/-share
MOIL Ltd 26/02/2022 Interim Dividend: Rs.3.00/-share
Taparia Tools Ltd 25/02/2022 Interim Dividend: Rs.50/-share
Polyplex Corp Ltd. 25/02/2022 Interim Dividend: Rs.35/-share
Bharat Dynamics 24/02/2022 Interim Dividend: Rs.7.30/-share
MSTC Ltd. 23/02/2022 Interim Dividend: Rs.6.5/-share
Oil India Ltd 23/02/2022 Interim Dividend: Rs.5.75/-share
Akzo Nobel India Ltd 23/02/2022 Interim Dividend: Rs.40/-share
ONGC Ltd 22/02/2022 Interim Dividend: Rs.1.75/-share
Cochin Shipyard Ltd. 22/02/2022 Interim Dividend: Rs.7/-share
Coal India Ltd 22/02/2022 Interim Dividend: Rs.5/-share
Balkrishna Industries 22/02/2022 Interim Dividend: Rs.16/-share
Hero Motocorp 22/02/2022 Interim Dividend: Rs.60/-share
Tide Water Oil (India) 22/02/2022 Interim Dividend: Rs.20/-share
NMDC Ltd 18/02/2022 Interim Dividend: Rs.5.73/-share
Firstsource Solutions Ltd 18/02/2022 Interim Dividend: Rs.3.50/-share
Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd 18/02/2022 Interim Dividend: Rs.26/-share
Nirlon Ltd 18/02/2022 Interim Dividend: Rs.15/-share
NMDC Ltd 18/02/2022 Interim Dividend: Rs.5.73/-share
PAGE Industries Ltd 18/02/2022 Interim Dividend: Rs.100/-share
CAMS Ltd. 18/02/2022 Interim Dividend: Rs.10.75/-
Powergrid Corp Of India Ltd. 17/02/2022 Interim Dividend: Rs.5.50/-share
Engineers India Ltd. 17/02/2022 Interim Dividend: Rs.2.00/-share
REC Ltd 16/02/2022 Total Dividend: Rs.6.00/-share
Suven Pharmaceuticals Ltd. 16/02/2022 Total Dividend: Rs.3/-share
ITC Ltd 15/02/2022 Interim Dividend: Rs.5.25/-share
Shree Cement Ltd. 12/02/2022 Interim Dividend: Rs.45/-share
BPCL 11/02/2022 Interim Dividend: Rs.5/- share
Sun Pharma 10/02/2022 Interim Dividend: Rs.7/- share
Gillette India 10/02/2022 Interim Dividend: Rs.33/- share
P&G Hygiene & Health Care  09/02/2022 Interim Dividend: Rs.95/- share
Exide Industries Ltd. 08/02/2022 Interim Dividend
Marico Ltd. 07/02/2022 Interim Dividend: Rs.6.25/-share
NTPC Ltd. 05/02/2022 Interim Dividend: Rs.4.00/-share
IIFL Securities Ltd. 04/02/2022 Interim Dividend: Rs.3.00/-share
Indian Energy Exchange Ltd. 04/02/2022 Interim Dividend: Rs.1.00/-share
Zensar Technologies Ltd. 04/02/2022 Interim Dividend: Rs.1.5/-share
Cosmo Films Ltd. 03/02/2022 Interim Dividend: Rs.10/-share
Torrent Pharma Ltd. 03/02/2022 Interim Dividend: Rs.25/-share
Container Corp Of India Ltd. 03/02/2022 Interim Dividend: Rs.2.00/-share
 PCBL India Ltd. 02/02/2022 Interim Dividend: Rs.10/-share
 CCL Products (India) Ltd. 01/02/2022 Interim Dividend: Rs.3.00/-share
 Saregama India Ltd. 01/02/2022 Interim Dividend: Rs.30/-share
 Mastek Ltd. 01/02/2022 Interim Dividend: Rs.7.00/-share
 CCL Products (India) Ltd. 01/02/2022 Interim Dividend: Rs.3.00/-share
 Visaka Industries Ltd. 01/02/2022 Interim Dividend: Rs.7/-share
Persistent Systems Ltd. 29/01/2022 Interim Dividend: Rs.20/-share
Bhansali Engg Polymers Ltd. 28/01/2022 Interim Dividend: Rs.1.00/-share
L&T Technology Services Ltd. 27/01/2022 Interim Dividend: Rs.10.00-share
DCM Shriram Ltd. 26/01/2022 Interim Dividend: Rs.5.20/-share
CESC Ltd. 25/01/2022 Interim Dividend: Rs.4.50/-share
K.P.I Global Infra. Ltd. 25/01/2022 Interim Dividend: Rs.0.40/-share
K.P. Energy Ltd. 25/01/2022 Interim Dividend: Rs.0.25/-share
Angel One Ltd. 25/01/2022 Interim Dividend: Rs.7 per share
HCL Technologies Ltd. 24/01/2022 Interim Dividend: Rs.1/-share
HCL Technologies Ltd. 22/01/2022 Interim Dividend: Rs.10/-share
Railtel Corp Of India Ltd. 21/01/2022 Interim Dividend: Rs.1.75/-share
Siemens Ltd. 20/01/2022 Final Dividend: Rs.8.00/-share
Tata Consultancy Services Ltd. 20/01/2022 Interim Dividend: Rs.7.00/-share
Anand Rathi Wealth Ltd. 20/01/2022 Interim Dividend: Rs.5.00/-share
Hinduja Global Solutions Ltd. 18/01/2022 Interim Dividend: Rs.150/- share
Info Edge(India) Ltd. 18/01/2022 Interim Dividend: Rs.8.00/-share
Sathak Metals Ltd. 13/01/2022 Interim Dividend: Rs.1.00/-share
Mazagon Dock  07/01/2022 Interim Dividend Rs.7.10/- share
Taparia Tools Ltd. 31/12/2021 Interim Dividend: Rs.70/-share
Sahyadri Industries Ltd. 31/12/2021 Interim Dividend: Rs.3/-share
GAIL Dividend 31/12/2021 Interim: Rs.4/- share
Can Fin Homes Dividend 24/12/2021 Rs. 1.5/-share
Powergrid Dividend 23/12/2021 Rs. 7/-share
Bambino Agro Dividend 22/12/2021 Rs. 1.60/-share
CESC Dividend 25/01/2021 Rs. 45/-share
Cochin Shipyard Dividend 14/01/2021 Rs. 9/-share
HCL TECH Dividend 25/01/2021 Rs. 4/-share
Majesco Dividend 25/12/2020 Rs. 974/-share
Power Grid Dividend 19/12/2020 Rs. 5/-share
HAL Dividend 19/12/2020 Rs. 15/share
Coal India Dividend 20/11/2020 Rs. 7.50/share
REC Ltd Dividend 17/11/2020 Rs. 6/share
Ajanta Pharma Dividend 13/11/2020 Rs. 9.50/share
Ambuja Cement Dividend 06/11/2020 Rs. 17/share
L&T Special Dividend 05/11/2020 Rs. 18/share
Crompton Greaves Dividend 03/11/2020 Rs. 3/share
Hindustan Zinc Dividend 27/10/2020 Rs. 21.30/share
Hindustan Unilever Dividend 28/10/2020 Rs. 14/share
Colgate Dividend 29/10/2020 Rs. 18/share
LTI Dividend 27/10/2020 Rs. 15/share
Vedanta Dividend 31/10/2020 Rs. 9.50/share
Nestle Dividend 29/10/2020 Rs. 135/share
Asian Paints Dividend 28/10/2020 Rs. 3.35/share
Tech Mahindra Dividend 29/10/2020 Rs. 15/share

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