10 Business Ideas for Beginners in India 2021 (Start Your Own Business)

Business Ideas for Beginners: Business Ideas to Start from Home for Students, Women with Low Investment in India 2021

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Are you wondering about launching your own business either to augment your income or earn a decent living?

Yes, commencing your own business is pretty exciting.

The key thing to remember while you embark on your own business venture is to stay optimistic and inspired.

“What do you need to start a business? Three simple things: know your product better than anyone, know your customer, and have a burning desire to succeed.”

How to Start a Business?:- If you are seeking information pertaining to the business idea then you are placed at the right stop.

In this post, I will share powerful Business Ideas in India with you that might help you in some way if you are a budding entrepreneur.

Business Ideas

So, without much ado, let’s get started!

Here is some basic requirement to run a business or become a businessman.

  • Adequate skills in any particular sector
  • Keen interest and stay inspired by your idea
  • Adequate finance is a must.
  • Determination to confronts all the odds till the business become to flourish
  • Proper licensing from government authorities to provide legitimacy.

The above-mentioned essentials blended with entrepreneurial zest can help you embark on your own business set up.

There is a pool of business ideas you can go for in this post, we will tell what those business ideas are?

Stay tuned for this post to learn about the “Business Ideas”.

There are many talented, dynamic and young people in India who dream about earning big money by starting their own business. Are you one of them?

There is an extensive list of business ideas that are also suitable for college students, women, and housewives.

It is aptly true that every great dream begins with a dreamer.

For your better understanding, I have divided such business ideas into numerous categories.


Starting your own business is everyone’s dream. There are various unique & creative business ideas to start your own business.

Also, the investment needed in such a business is also affordable.

Best Home Based Business Ideas

Business ideas from home

Private Tutoring

Starting coaching classes can be a great idea. Yes, if you have great teaching skills and knowledge you can start your tutoring service and yield benefits from them.

Recruitment service

In this business, you may require data of candidates who are in the hunt for a job.

Just refer a candidate to a company and get a commission out of it.

It is indeed a good small business idea.

Tiffin services

Delicious food and timely delivery is the success mantra of this business.

If you have great cooking skills then you can do this business.

Yoga class

Yoga and meditation are insanely popular among people from all walks of life.

If you are a certified yoga teacher or expert in yoga you can start off giving yoga classes.


If you are housewives and want to do some part-time business then it is a viable option for you.

For this, you require knowledge of sewing clothes and sewing machines.

You can earn a lot from this business if you are good with cloth alteration and modification.

Others home-based business idea includes

  • Marriage Bureau
  • Spoken English
  • Insurance Agent
  • Medical sample collection

Best Part-Time Business Ideas

Business ideas Part-time

Fitness trainer

Guys, you all must be familiar with the growing popularity of fitness and wellness. If you are a fitness freak, love doing exercise, then you can become a certified fitness trainer.

Party planner

Party planner or event planner is insanely trending and a creative business idea.

If you are planning to provide party planning services to the metro city then it is indeed a great idea.

This business requires management and planning skills.

Foreign Language Coaching Class

French and Spanish is a popular language. Learning a foreign language is a trend today.

If you are an expert in any of the language you can commence foreign language coaching classes.

Hobby Class

It is indeed much-in demand part-time business where you can provide your expert and specialize services.

You can initiate hobby class for dance, music, painting, craft based on the skills you possess.

Other part-time business ideas may include

Have a look at the following

  • Sports coach
  • The business idea of event management
  • Personal chef
  • Visa consultant
  • Daycare services

Best Low Cost-business Ideas

Business ideas with low investment – Low investment and high success is the goal of every budding entrepreneur.

Fast food services

You can provide fast food services in the center of the city to be successful in this venture you need to provide tasty & health food at a nominal rate.

Pickle making

If you are housewives and want to earn some bucks then it is an ideal business option for you.

Good packaging, marketing, and advertising are important to succeed in this business

Courier shop

It is an evergreen business option. If you can manage timely delivery and better shipping costs then you can do this business.

You can also take a franchise of a reputed courier company.

Other best low-cost business idea may include the following

  • Bag making
  • Idol making
  • Papad making
  • Fruit jam making
  • Career counseling
  • Real estate agent
  • Pest control
  • Fumigation services

Best Online Business Ideas

Business Ideas Online

  • Blogging

It is one of the best and tremendously popular business ideas whose success ratio is considerable.

All you need a domain name and hosting space. To be successful in blogging the key factor is to attract large traffic for your websites.

  • Vlogging

It is making videos and publishing it online. A person who creates a video and publishes it online is known as a vlogger. You can make money from YouTube Channel partner program.

  • YouTube Channel

Another interesting and creative online business idea is the YouTube channel.

In this business, you have to create unique videos and upload them on YouTube.

After gaining considerable fame you can apply for the YouTube partner program and earn bucks.

  • Freelance writing

If you have a knack for writing and can generate quality content, then free-lance writing is indeed a great idea for earning handsome money.

  • Affiliate marketing

You must have heard about affiliate marketing. In this business, all you need to do is sell the products of a reputed brand on your websites. In this way, you can earn a commission.

  • Stock Market Trading

If you have great knowledge about the stock market and trading, then you can opt for stock market trading.

If you are extremely good at trading, then you can make a good amount of profit.

However, this business requires a lot of knowledge and expertise.

Check:- How to Earn Money from Stock Market?

Data Entry

You must have come across this term data entry. As it is one of the simplest and easiest jobs one can do online and make some bucks.

Your typing speed and efficiency are needed in this job. You will find multiple websites offering such jobs, but you have to be careful and select the one which is genuine. Don’t trust Fraud Company as you will lose your money.

Best Profitable Business Ideas

Business Ideas with High Profit


Such business requires intensive investment and diligent planning.

In addition, you need a good cook. If you are venture is super hit in delivering everything best, then you can generate greater profits.

Health club

Have you heard about the popular phrase that says “Health is the wealth?

Commencing a health club can be a great business idea. Nowadays, people are conscious about health, they prefer to go to the gym.

If you have money and a suitable place then you start a health club.

Travel agency

If you are a travel junkie and enjoy helping others in travel then you can start off your own travel investment agency.

You may need experienced manpower to run this agency.

IT hardware shop

It is indeed a profitable business nowadays.  In this business, you need to sell IT Hardware items such as laptops, desktops, servers, hard disks, network devices, mouse, speaker, etc. The success of this business depends on demographics and demand.

Big Investment business Ideas

Business Ideas with big investment

Textile unit

The business requires a lot of investment. In this business, you need to produce raw fabric or other textile products to sell to an individual or business.

The business requires huge space and machinery. In addition, you are required to evaluate the market before starting the business.

Beer and winemaking

It is an expensive business. You require raw material and a lot of other stuff such as a storage facility and bottling facility.

You need to have the number of approval before doing this business.

Transportation services

In this business, you have to give the transportation facility to the clients. The investment and cost incurred in the business are huge.

Marriage hall or party lawn

If you have a huge space then you can convert it into a marriage hall or party lawn.

You can generate a handsome amount from this business if it works well.

Luxurious Car Services

If you want to deal with a luxurious business then this is a great option for you.

In this business, you need to buy luxurious and deluxe cars and lease them.

Other big investment business ideas include

  • Imported furniture store
  • Art and collection store
  • Building construction
  • Poultry and fishing
  • Gold ornament shop
  • Hotel
  • Modeling agency
  • Pathology lab

Unique or Creative Business Ideas

Are you inquisitive to learn what those ideas are?

Take a read further

  • Custom Gift Store

Yes, it is one of the best creative business ideas. In this, you can serve the client by offering the best-customized gift as per their demand.

Few examples are a t-shirt, mug, customized card, photo album, and mirror and cardholder.

You can operate this business both offline and online. A sauces rate of this business is high.

  • Antique products

It is indeed a very good business idea. In this business, you will be dealing with antique products and furniture.

It is a luxurious segment and finding a client in this business is quite strenuous. However, it is highly profitable.

  • Cake & Bakes

Are you fond of baking? Or confectionery items. You can open a low investment business and sell cakes, pastries muffins, and cupcakes’

This small business has great potential as clients are always looking for fine taste, quality, and economical rates.

You will be needed great skills in baking these delicacies.

  • Imported Products

Selling goods from another country can be a great idea. All you need to do is select the right product and identify the target clients and sell those goodies to them.

People nowadays are really fond of buying products and goods from another country.

Products they sell include fragrances, cosmetics, cigarettes, liquor, chocolates, food items, and T-shirts among others. The vogue for foreign goods in India fortifies you have a good market for your wares.

  • Interior Designer

Those who have a natural aptitude towards arts, design, and creativity may be the best business idea to pursue.

It is one of the most trendy and creative business ideas if you are from a civil or architectural background.

  • Dance coaching

It is one of the best businesses if you are a competitive dancer. You can do choreography and earn handsome money from events. Also, you can provide dance classes at schools, dance institutes, etc.

The investment needed in such business are low, all you need is skills and talent in your area of expertise.

Retail Business Ideas

Business Ideas for Retail

Grocery store

It is one of the easiest and lucrative businesses. You can start a business from a low investment.

You will need local municipality clearance (shop establishment license) and GST number to start this business. The success of this business depends upon location, type of products and price.

Ice Cream Parlor

It is an evergreen food-based retail business idea. You can either start your own manufacturing by own and second is taking the franchise.

Apart from this, you will need cold storage, power backup, and other packaging material.

You will need a GST number, establishment license, and FSSAI license.

Cosmetic Store

As people are becoming beauty and wellness conscious and the demand for cosmetic products is growing.

If you are women looking for retail business then starting a cosmetic store is a great idea.

Stationary and Book Store

If you are planning to open a retail outlet or store then opening a stationary or book store near a school is a great idea.

Other retail business ideas may include

  • Auto Spare part store
  • Leather & perfume shop
  • Beauty salon
  • Xerox shop
  • Photo diagnostic
  • Gift card shop
  • Tattoo shop

Whole Sale Business Ideas

Business Ideas for Wholesale

Agriculture or fertilizer distribution

As we all know India is an agricultural-based country. Demand for agricultural-based equipment and product are increasing every day.

Automobile distribution services

Automobile products such as accessories, lubricants, and batteries are much in demand. You can grab this as an opportunity and commence your own business. However, you need to be careful in selecting products.  There are many players in this market and many duplicate products are also found.

FMCG product distribution

It is a lucrative business idea option. Crane, Hydra, earth moving equipment, civil, construction, and control equipment generally remain in demand.  If you have a lot of capital you can think of starting this business’

Gems and Jewelry Distribution

The business requires a lot of investment. You need a lot of cash for this business and a trustworthy team. Make sure you tie with the good popular company.

Other wholesale business ideas may include

  • Medicine Distribution
  • IT-related Equipment distribution
  • Organic food distribution
  • Seed distribution services
  • Hospital Equipment Distribution

Manufacturing business Ideas

Business Ideas for manufacturing

Manufacturing of paper

It is one of the simple manufacturing business in India. As you know, papers and stationery items are always in demand.

You need raw material such as pulp, cellulose and paper making machine. You may even think of recycling papers.

Hair Product Manufacturing

One of the best FMCG products is hair oil and hair cream. You can generate some great revenue from the business. However, you are required to spend time on the marketing of the product.

Manufacturing of sports-related items

You all must be well-known to the fact that sports are the biggest industry in the world.

It could be a profitable affair if you get successful.  The items which you can produce are batting gloves, hockey stick, bat, ball, etc. You need to maintain quality and standard to withstand in this market.

Other manufacturing business idea includes

  • Hand-made biscuit making
  • Candy making
  • Honey making
  • Manufacturing of toys
  • Furniture making
  • Production of leather
  • Electrical fitting production

Renting Business Ideas

Business Ideas for Rental Income

ATM Space Rental

Renting a space for ATM is a profitable business idea. Bank organization always looks for space and network expansion.

Audio Equipment Renting

High-end audio equipment always remains in demand. Any function such as domestic, social or corporate requires public address system and audio devices. If you have expertise in identifying and managing audio devices you can start audio equipment renting business.

Fancy Dress Renting Business

It is a low investment business. Fancy dress is usually in demand at the event and school celebration

You can start your own fancy dress renting business.

Other renting business ideas may include

  • Decorator
  • Construction equipment rental
  • Bus rental
  • Car rental
  • Audio Equipment Renting

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General FAQ

What business can I start with no money?

Tutoring, Used Books, House Painting, Window Cleaning, Car Washing, Pet Sitting, Tour Guide Service, Tax Preparation, Flooring Business, Cleaning Service, Grocery Delivery, Freelancer Services, Social Media Management, Virtual Assistant, Consulting, Logo Design, etc.

What is the easiest business to start?

Event Planning, Residential Cleaning Services, Tutoring, Delivery Services, Local Tour Guide, Grass Cutting /Snow Removal Services, Hauling Services, eBay Selling, Gardening/ Landscaping Services, Painting, Yoga Instruction,

What are the most profitable businesses?

Accounting Services, Legal Services, and Law Firms, Real Estate Sales and Leasing, Outpatient Care Centers, Personal Training and Fitness Instructors, Cleaning Services, Warehouse, and Storage, Doctor Offices, Landscaping and Gardening, Schools and Instruction, Party Services.

What is the best business for beginners?

Online Tutoring, Clothing Boutique, Travel Planning, Print-on-demand (POD) Online Business, Food Truck Business, Coffee Shop, Bakery, Cooking Classes, Home Food Delivery, Bookkeeping Services, Website Design, Digital Marketing, Event Planning, Photography, Yoga Studio, Pet Business, Daycare Business, Content Creation Agency, Interior Designer

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